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RE: PC: Red/Orange PC logo (was:Bachman GP 30s/P2K PC GP 20)

This is great info.  Thanks Kevin.  I picked up the Microscale decal sheet
with the red 'P' and orange 'C' and plan to do an engine when time permits
(currently planning for a June wedding).  The questions I have (and I know
these are newbie questions, so I apologize in advance if I'm asking things
that seem obvious) are as follows:

- What engines got the logo with the orange 'C'?
- Were the dates the same as with the red 'P' (from May 13th, 1968 to June
21st, 1968)?
- Was it that ex-PRR engines got the red 'P' and ex-NYC engines got the
orange 'C'?

Any info or a good source for info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Jim Gehrett

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