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Re: PC: 1100 & Washboards

1) Budd held the patent for Shotwelding stainless steel, not aluminum.

2) The stainless fluting on the sides of Budd cars and cars of other
manufacturers is held on by clips. There is no insulation between the
fluting and the car shell. The insulation resides between the exterior wall
(car shell) and the interior walls.

3) There is no chemical reaction between stainless steel and steel.
Stainless-sheathed cars made by Pullman and others rusted solely because of
trapped moisture. High pressure car washers made matters worse by forcing
water and possibly caustic cleaning solutions into the cavities between the
sheathing and steel sides. Cars that looked great on the outside, were
self-destructing, sight-unseen. Many railroads had no choice but to
permanently strip off the stainless fluting and rebuild the car sides. In
severe cases, cars were scrapped.

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