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Re: PC: Windows for RPP SD40

In a message dated 4/12/99 9:23:26 PM EST, Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net 

<< Bill,
 I thought the same until I had both the cab of the SD 40 and 45 in my hands
 on Friday.  The windows in the cab doors are quite different.  The others I
 do not know.  I may call RPP and get a verdict this week....
 Thanks for the suggestion,
One of the quirks of RPP shells is they don't reuse components already
cut for prior models ( Ala Athearn) they cut complete new shells from
the ground up. On the otherhand when they re-run a shell they aren't adverse
to correcting/upgrading them at the same time ( C32-8, C30-7 for two).
But they never fixed the roof/ side mis-match on the C30-7 shell, only
the grills....

I've used the Run 8 windows but I realize that they're a Love 'em or Hate
'em thing.... On my RPP SD40 I went with the Cannon cab, looks great...



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