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PC: PC C628s/Windows for RPP SD40/Contact me off list re: autos


Had a chance to operate my new C628 on my father's layout.  Nice...

Question: the side vents on these locomotives.  At the Lines West meeting an
individual and I talked about these units and the vents on them.  He stated
that the early ones had the scoops whilst the later ones did not.  At the
show my father and I bid on and got a bunch of Rails Northeast (only one
duplicate to what we had) and one of the covers (September 1977) shows an
ex-PC 628 with the cover, ConRail number 6742, (PC 6304).  The same for CR
6744 in ConRail Power 2 of 1977.   It is my understanding that PRR bought
two seperate orders (off of the info with the kit mind you...) and it is my
guess that the seccond order did not have these, can anyone confirm this?

I was talking to the staff at the Train Station in Columbus and the topic of
Run-8 windows for the Rail Power Products SD 40 came up.  They said that
they were not listed (the individual had some unfinished kits that he needed
windows for) but I thought that I had seen them listed somewhere.  Any one
else stock such an item or was I right that Run-8 has them?

Would anyone interested in talking about or obtaining HO scale automobiles
of the PC era please contact me off-list.

Garrett Rea
Mt. Juliet, TN

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