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He may have worked for "the drunks"

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From: George Alberti <Georgedieselman -AT- webtv.net>
To: <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
Sent: Monday, April 12, 1999 10:43 AM
Subject: PC: DANGER

> Hey gang, I saw something yesterday that puts railfanning in a real bad
> light. At one of my favorite train watching sites a man and his son who
> looked to be about 10 were set up to film about 3 feet off the rail.
> Sure enough a van train came by and they never moved. It sure scared me
> as I thought they were going to kiss the snowplow or something dragging
> off the side would slice through them. It popped a few more gray hairs
> on me and I can imagine what it did to the crew. I spoke up of the
> danger but I was told to MYOB. Last week here in the Pittsburgh area we
> had a railfan killed when he was run over. He had been drinking and
> railfanning and like drinking and driving the two don't mix. These are
> the kind of incidents that cast a bad light on all of us. Have fun but
> respect what you are dealing with. Don't be afraid to point out the
> dangers to some who get to carried away. George Alberti

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