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              We need to be responsible we taking pictures on an main
line or in a yard. We can be
a railroads best friend, cause if someone else is
either vandelising or stealing we could report them to the rail police.
Or be their unwelcome guest if we put ourselves in danger by getting to
close to the track or climbing on cars or whatever in a yard.

             For myself, my brother and I go to CSX's Boyles Yard in
Birmingham, AL with no
problem cause we are responsible and no one says anything to us. We also
go to BNSF's 
E.Thomas Yard in Birmingham, AL also. We always get permission to be on
their property and we always get re-assuring them that we're
responsible railfans. 

            So lets be responsible railfans. A good
railfan is an alive railfan and one who respects
railroad property and the trains.

  A Railfan...

 Ken R JR

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