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Hey gang, I saw something yesterday that puts railfanning in a real bad
light. At one of my favorite train watching sites a man and his son who
looked to be about 10 were set up to film about 3 feet off the rail.
Sure enough a van train came by and they never moved. It sure scared me
as I thought they were going to kiss the snowplow or something dragging
off the side would slice through them. It popped a few more gray hairs
on me and I can imagine what it did to the crew. I spoke up of the
danger but I was told to MYOB. Last week here in the Pittsburgh area we
had a railfan killed when he was run over. He had been drinking and
railfanning and like drinking and driving the two don't mix. These are
the kind of incidents that cast a bad light on all of us. Have fun but
respect what you are dealing with. Don't be afraid to point out the
dangers to some who get to carried away. George Alberti

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