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PC: Re: U23-B

Vince writes:

>  I have some of the Atlas U-23-B units(2 numbered and 2 unnumbered).
>the road numbers U-23-B is spelled out.  I do not see this in any of the
>prototype pictures that I have.  Is this right on the model.  It looks like
>Conrail thing to me as they did that on their locos.

>Vince, I believe you're correct.  PC had loco maintenance bases spelled out
under the road numbers.  Not all received this either, at least not early
You could either paint out the markings, try to get a set of the new
Microscale decals, or if it doesn't bother you too much, leave as is (what
I've done).
  I probably will change it eventually but am not losing sleep over it.
It's a fine model as is.

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