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Re: PC: loco cab numbers-font style

In a message dated 4/10/99 12:14:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
eprice -AT- skantech.net writes:

<< Hi All,
   Anyone know what the font style is on Locomotive numbers(road numbers on
 the cabs).  Looks like the early ones match the same style of font the PRR
 was using.  Sometime,  I think it was about 1970,  GP-38 units were
 delivered with a new style of font.  Was this font style used on in house
 repaints after that date as well?  Any one know what that style is called.
Along with PRR style font they also used NYC boards.  As a matter of fact I 
have a picture of a Conrail GP40-2 with a NYC style typeface on its number 
board.  This unit was built in the late seventies and wasn't a carry over 
from the New York Central!

Alfred Olsen

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