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Re: PC: Decal question...

Hi Gang,
  I saw the proposed "revised" microscale PC decals for Locos.  They have a
new number sequence and Have included maintainnace or yard base names(enola,
selkirk, etc)  Seems like the number of large logos have been reduced
though.  I think there are now enough large logos to do four Locomotives.
  As Far as restoring old decals, Microscale has "Liquid decal film".  I'm
not sure what the best method of applying this is.  I've read that some guys
are using foam brushes(like the ones you would use for appling polyurethene
to furniture).  I'm not sure what this decal film thins with or what agent
is needed to clean it up, say out of an airbrush or regular brush.  I guess
the foam brushes you would throw away as you can by several for under a
  I'm goint to do some experimenting with this stuff for the PC decals that
I have been making.

>I saw this set today...  I also am hearing ruminations that Microscale is
>becoming spotty on filling orders for vendors, so that decals are becoming
>hard to get - it might not be a bad idea to buy yourself some extra sets if
>you have an opportunity.  But I can't say for a fact that this is true -
>check it out with your hobby dealer.
>Speaking of decals, any tips on saving old ones that want to flake apart?
>I sprayed the sheet with dullcoat or glosscoat, i forget which, but haven't
>tried to use them yet -
>Bill K.

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