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PC: Re: MU Conversions

  Bob Holzweiss writes:

>There is a picture in Rails Northeast of an S motor pulling a demonstration
>train of ex-NH cars at of all places Croton North at the very end of the
>third rail.  I wonder why PC / Conrail (MTA) chose the former NH cars.

   I have 33 photos of "Washboards" around the Harmon Yard complex over a
two year period from 1981-83, long after these cars were removed from New
Haven Line service.  All the cars had the "pans" removed, a couple still in
NH paint, marker lights and number boards lighted and to top it off an
actual train which stopped at the station to transfer passengers to SPV's
for Poughkeepsie.   I had spent an afternoon photographing a rush hour.
The active train had FL-9 5039,pulling MU's 1126,1149, 44??,4459.   A month
later on a track parallel to the station were 4477,4486,4461 with lights on.
  I also found a photo in "Memories of NYC Diesels" which has an MTA section
showing a "westbound commuter run" at Irvington NY 7-23-82 with 1100 and
4400 series MU's pulled by an FL-9.
  Another book mentions crippled MU's were used on the Hudson Line for a
short time with the third rail providing utilities and powered by FL-9's.

  This should back up what you saw in Rails Northeast.


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