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PC: Re: MU Conversions -Reply

NEW HAVEN U25B  wrote:

     That was No demonstration train of NH 4400's pulled by a S motor
none the less.  

     It may not have been.  I am just reporting what the caption said.  They
were on the main line not the yard tracks.  It was an S-Motor, and they
were ex-NH 4400 series MU's.

Where did you dream this one up? 

      I don't think I was dreaming or was I ?

The railroad would not waste their money when the state (MTA) is
paying fhe (sic) the equipment. MTA would have juristriction (sic) over
anything that gets rebuilt. 

True enough.  The MTA called the shots because they paid the bills. 
However, if they decided (and I have it on good authority from former
MTA employees that they did) that converting former NH 4400 series
MU's into demotored locomotive hauled coaches was the cheapest,
quickest way to provide seats, then they would have done it.  As it was,
they decided it WAS NOT and they purchased the Bomb trainsets
instead.  When I say demo train, I mean demo train.  No passengers, just
crew checking performance characterisitcs, analyzing what would be
involved in conversion, and clearance problems if any.  

What you saw was a dead head move to Harmon Shops where the cars
were serviced at times since Harmon is the closest shop to GCT. 

IF this was a dead head move to Harmon, it is surprising to see the cars
NORTH of the Harmon shop complex not between Harmon and GCT. The
train was probably either moving back and fourth between Harmon and
Croton-North testing 3rd rail pickup etc,... or the loco was placing the
cars at Croton North for storage.  The 4400 series MU's were maintained
at Stanford or New Haven.  Except for one occasion, I never saw ex-NH
MU's of any type at Harmon during Penn Central OR Conrail / MTA /

Some old NH 4000 series MU's were pulled by GG-1's between Trenton
and NY while NJDOT was getting New Arrow MU's. The cars got
their power from the catenary with pans raised but otherwise

True enough.  There was also a train of ex-PRR MP54's that operated
under the same principle, demotored with pans up for heat and lights.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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