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PC: List thoughts

Greetings List members,
  Thanks for the off list replies about the current list fiasco.  I was
wondering what I had walked into.  I guess we all have a bad day and a mailing
list is no exception.

  I have found the internet holds enormous promise for the *free* exchange of
ideas and information.  However with this *freedom* comes responsibility.  In
this instance, to utilize the list for its intended and conceptional purpose. 
In every society, and this list is no exception, there are those unwilling or
mentally unable to exercise the needed responsibility.  Unfortunetely this
means some one or some group must enforce the essential norms or the society
degrades or even worse ceases to exist.

  On a personal note, I despise control and regulation.  However since
accessing the net since 1991, I have seen far too many instances of the demise
of truley valueable forums for sources of information and discusion, simply
because a small group (sometimes just one!!!) drove away others by distorting
the content with devisive issues or negative comments.  I hope that does not
happen here.

  Anyway on with the discusion of Penn Central stuff.


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