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Re: PC: Pass. car roofs and coach question

> While on the subject of the roof of that particular coach, I have a
> myself.  Does anyone know where cars like that came from?  The photo
> one on the new PC Harlem Line page at the PC site) is obviosly
> since the low level platforms are still in place in North White at the
> of that photo.  Coaches of this type often show up in early PC photos
> seen of PC Metropolitan Region trains.  

     Looks to me like it was of the PC series 2140-2151 rebuilt coaches for
commuter service.   They were built by ACF as long distance coaches, NYC/PC
2645-2669.  Some lasted in PC colors in Harlem Line service till the
electrification was completed on the upper end.  I have photos of these
with black roofs, but the shade in that one photo in question just looks
too light to be black.
   Just noticed a photo of an ex-NH "American Flyer" car in the PC Color
Guide with a green roof which leads me to believe anything was possible.

As for the PC 1000 series MU's,  I remember visiting the scrapline at
Croton-North in the mid 70's where many of these cars sat in the weeds for
a long time before the inevitable.  I thought the condition of the cars
were certainly as good as anything running at the time (possibly better!)
and also wondered why these could not be hauled by a locomotive at least as
a back up when needed.   What a waste!


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