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PC: new subscriber observations

Greetings to the group,
  Being a new member I'm wondering if this list is a list to discuss Penn
Central items or a list to debate and babble about being a monk or a taking
photos of nude women.
  I personally joined the list because I am a model railroader and have chosen
to model the Penn Central.  I was hoping to find information here to help my
modeling endeavors.  I'm also hoping a list member knows where I can get some
  Looking at my collection of PC models I have yet to see a toy in the bunch. 
It really irritates me when some one degrades something else.  If it's not
your cup a tea keep your mouth shut.  It may have meaning or purpose to
another.  Personally I could care less about the business end of PC, what
route some ex-employee worked, union rules, etc, but I don't feel the need to
trash it because it doesn't intrest me. Nor do I feel the need to impose my
definition of railroading on others.
  Kudos to Craig Hatter and Price.  If something is sent to you off list there
is a reason why.  It's not neccesary to bring it into the list.
  I'm wondering if this list is constantly eat up with trashing somebody elses
intrest and other moronic comments.  If so I might need to un subscribe.
                                   Just my 2 cents worth

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