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PC: Boomer & Vietnam era railroads

Boomer wrote:

I am afraid i dont remember your friend mr francy but you know I
>have a watch here in my pocket, bought new by a man I never knew,who died
>before i was born, but he was a railroader and that is enough. And your
>descriptiom of Mr lewis makes me feel he was a fine man and a good
>railroader I may have met him but it sounds like I suffered a loss in not
>knowing him better.

Boomer et al:

His other RR duty was in France in W.W.II, running trains for the Allied
Forces.  (Railroader and Patriot?)  Even here on the home front, the
railroad was vital.  Read the writings of a Pullman conductor by the name of
William Moedinger who trained with Pullman during the war.   His well
written and entertaining articles were in several issues of TRAINS in the
1970s.  I hope that this gentleman is still with us, and if not, that he is
in a better place.   As for Mr. Lewis, I saw his wife driving a Mercury down
the street with the same personal tag Francy had on his 1960's electric blue
convertible Coupe de Ville in the 1970s, but this was four years ago, and
the last contact I had with him was in 1991.  Will knock on the door this
weekend while I am on that end of Columbus, Ohio shopping for model (toy)
trains.  Hope he is still with us, if not, hope he is at the throttle of
Moedinger's train.......

PC: How much of a role did the US railroads play in the Vietnam conflict?
There is a photo in PRR Color guide Volume II of a train in Outville, Ohio
(just east of Pataskala on the Panhandle) with some military trucks on some
flats.  I have seen photos and all of troop and equipment trains of W.W.II
but what was hauled in the PC/Vietnam era?  Anyone have any input on this?

Garrett Rea

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