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Re: PC: Re: Ex-PC CR units: Where Are They?

The Finger Lakes RR got a lot of these - seems they needed cars and CR sent
them the worst junk they had, so a few EL cars and a number of PRR and PC
gons showed up.   At one point CR had a gondola shortage, which is what
helped keep these cars rolling, according to some of the magazines.

Bill K.

> From: Chip Ordway <djchip -AT- hotmail.com>
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> Subject: Re: PC: Re: Ex-PC CR units: Where Are They?
> Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 11:33 AM
> Back about two years ago, here on Long Island, in the Pinelawn 
> Freight yard, there were often a few PC gondolas spotted on the 
> tracks.  Most contained the white worm, but I have photos of one or 
> two with a red/white worm.  I later saw some of the same cars in 
> Springfield Mass.
> One of the other gondolas in the batch was an old Pennsy--The typical 
> reddish rust color--really beat up--no logo--with PRR reporting 
> marks.  Keep in mind this was before the current CSX/NS chop up of CR 
> brought PRR and NYC marks back to life.
> Chip
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> >To: <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> >Subject: PC: Re: Ex-PC CR units: Where Are They?
> >Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 18:13:00 -0400
> >
> >I see an occasional ex PC unit on some NS trains here in Salisbury, 
> NC. In
> >fact NS has a couple of green gondola cars, former PC in whinch you 
> can
> >still see the worm logo on them.
> >
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