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PC: FW: [D] Re: PC Motive Power books

Hi All,

I'm new to the list so I hope I'm not giving you all old news.  The diesel
modelers list has had a lot of chatter lately about PC and I thought I'd
pass this book title on for anyone that's interested.

Jim Gehrett

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Joe Reckner wrote:
>Bob Yanosey's book is the ultimate book that I've found so far for PC
>modeling, not that there a lot to be found.

Those interested in old Penn Central books should keep their eyes open for
another gem - "A Sampling of Penn Central" by Jerry Taylor.  Printed in
1973, this volume pertains to the PC Southern Region, which was generally
the territory west of Pittsburg and Cleveland, and south of the Chicago
mainlines.  Its not about diesels, however, its about operations, and is a
wealth of information of how traffic moved on that portion of the railroad.
I'm not sure what one would expect to pay for a copy; mine's not for sale.
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