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Re: PC: April 10, Xenia Ohio...

Garrett,  I will be vending at the Springfield show sunday.  Other 
obligations will keep me from the PRR activities sat.  I'll be the one with 
PC items on my table.  No pun intended but you know what I mean.  Also, if 
someone on the list is looking for a copy of PC Power, you might try Tom 
Dixon of COHS.  I saw a copy on his table at Huntington,WVa. last year.  I 
found my copy through Leyshon's Books here in Columbus, Oh. a couple of years 
ago.  Pricey but I have it in Near Mint cond.  My old ragged copy lasted 15 
minutes on my table at a show and still sold for $40.  It's sad to hear that 
Yanosey has no plans to do more PC material.  Maybe SOMEBODY??? will.   
Pennctrl1(G. Dent)  

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