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PC: Re: Pass. car roofs

Once someone told  me NYC NEVER had any black roof cars , because they
hadn't seen any or pix thereof.  I have lots of pix and videos of such cars,
but not all were black... and not all silver or stainless.

I am sure the same surely holds true of the PC fleet.  anyone want to
enlighten us further?
keep your rails shiny

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From: Rob Carlo <robcarlo -AT- worldnet.att.net>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 4:04 PM
Subject: PC: Pass. car roofs

>  Just when I thought I had the passenger roof color question answered,  I
>checked out the latest update on Jerry's PC Page and am puzzled again.  In
>the newest additions under "Harlem Line", the middle photo with FL-9's 5042
>and 5055 shows a PC painted coach right behind the locos.   Most of these
>cars I've seen had black roofs.  Although this photo is B&W, it appears
>that the roof is a light shade matching the car sides.  Could this be
>green??  The following cars have a distinctly darker shade (black).  To
>date I've painted my models with a black roof but if anyone can confirm
>another paint scheme, I'd appreciate it as most of my modelling is PC's
>Metropolitan Region.

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