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PC: Re: Ex-PC CR units: Where Are They?

Chances are any local or yard jobs will have those remaining PC units on
them, although in NY and New England the B23-7's (1977) dominate and you
have to go to larger yards to find the SW1500's.
Guilford has a large number of ex-CR/PC/NYC (some NYC and some were
original PC) GP40's, picking them up from CR as early as 1985 and as
recently as 1995 when CR dumped the last non dash-2 GP40's from the roster.

Actually you could find ex-PC units almost anywhere now, with all the units
dropped when the leases expired that have been sold and resold and rebuilt
- some GP40's have been rebuilt as commuter engines, GP7/9 frames used
under those Boise Locmotive Co (former MK) 1200 HP switchers, and other
units on lease fleets - a comprehensive guide to the dispositions of units
that served for the PC would look like a phone book!  :o)

Bill K.

> From: ebulman -AT- caregroup.harvard.edu
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Ex-PC CR units: Where Are They?
> Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 1:11 PM
> It was good to see that some ex-PC units are still active out there. Is
> there any specific part of the CR system that they are congregated at? I
> saw an ex-PC unit in Springfield Terminal paint a few years back, but no
> recent "CR sightings".
> Ed

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