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PC: IHC Passenger cars

Hello gang!
   Has anybody seen the new PC passenger cars by IHC?   I got my first
glimpse last week.  I knew these cars were not PC prototype but was willing
to purchase a couple coaches and maybe a diner if the paint scheme was
accurate.  Well, guess what?  It is not. (surprise, surprise!)  The
lettering is all wrong and the window panels are freight car green. I know
at least one ex NH car got this "green", but cannot forgive the lettering. 
 Such a simple railroad to model accurately and so few mfrs. can get it
   Chris O... most of my loco fleet is Athearn.  You can do a lot with the 
PC U-28C.  Some run well, some do not.  Most accumulated when I was on a
budget.   The units I don't use look pretty sharp at the shops waiting for
"repairs".  What could be more PC than that?    I'm looking forward to the
PC GP-38-2 to be released this spring.
  Hope we can all get back to discussing anything PC!   There's too much
negative in the world as it is.   Whether we enjoy modelling or discussing
the prototype (or both), we all share a common bond in our devotion to the
mighty Penn Central!....(my 2 cents).


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