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Re: PC: Fw: pc wreck

>    Boomer wrote:

>    well i am glad to see that that there is finally some discussion of 
the penn central on this site instead of the interminable "where can i 
get a paint job for my toy locomotive" or "where can i get decals for my 
toy car",

Hey now...Some of us don't have locomotives that are perfect. Some of my 
older engines don't even run perfect. (Appropriate, considering that 
they are PC prototypes!)All kidding aside though...I've spent a lot of 
time (and money) building my railroad. I've also heard a lot of negative 
comments about certain Athearn engines. Being a student, I can't justify 
spending a lot on Stewart & Atlas diesels. So what if they aren't quite 
the same as others. Once I'm done detailing them, and adding the 
appropriate paint jobs, no one can tell the difference.

Just my 2 cents worth
--Chris Osterhus

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