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PC: RE:Former PC employee sound off/rail preservation

Hear hear Jerry!! Let this guy take it off list. I was the victim of the
same sort when I made some comments about Amtrak on Bryan Turner's L&N list.
It never got personal untill the flamer kept e-mailing me off list. On the
list and out in the public is your choice within the rules of the
administrator. I'll take all the heat you can give there,but not in private.
I finally had to tell this person to stop or I would inform his ISP of
But you must also remember that by all of us agreeing to disagree it keeps
the list discussion lively as well as involving more list members. This of
course within the rules that are established. As for that preservation
talk,I'm real sorry but you get what you pay for. People in general don't
care about preserving the railroads. KRM here in Kentucky is a classic
example. Move out of sight,out of mind. The Museum of Transport in St Louis
as well as KRM have made improvements with ISTEA grants. Not private
funds,but with public monies. And they use the shotgun approach to
preservation: Collect everything but preserve very little. You may fire when
ready Gridly!!!!

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