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PC: ADMIN: Stop before it starts

OK folks,

This flame war is going to stop right now, before it even gets started.

Look, this mailing list is for discussion on *all* things Penn Central, whether
that involves the prototype or modelling. I created this list to discuss
everything from models to prototype equipment, and even management practices
of the PC management before and after the bankruptcy. Everyone here has their
own special interests, but we all get along fine. Yes, sometimes we get on a
tangent and get a bit out of bounds, but that's when I have to get things back
on track so that the content and purpose of the list don't suffer. That's part
of my job, which I don't always like to do.

So to participate on this list, each list member has to be tolerant of other
people's views. Sure, there are some people here who don't care about models.
But there is still discussion of it on the list, and nobody complains. We're
all (for the most part) adults here. I would think we could all get along
with picking on each other or trying to force our own views on one another.
If you all can do that in a civilized manner, you are welcome here. Anyone
who can't abide by the rules and causes trouble will be removed. It's as
simple as that.

(An aside to Boomer: I don't know if you're new to the net or what, but it 
usually accepted as poor netiquette to forward to a mailing list someone's 
private e-mail that was sent directly to you and not to the rest of the list.
There was probably a reason that Ed sent it directly to you and not the list,
so you should respect his wishes.)

ObPC: Conrail GP38 7686 was working Motor Yard last night. The engineer's 
side of the long hood is suffering from a bad case of peeling paint. As a 
result, the PENN CENTRAL lettering is showing through in parts around the CR
can-opener emblem, and the worms are starting to become visible through the
blue paint under the radiators. Hopefully they won't repaint it for another
few months....maybe it will end up looking like that one D&H unit running
around in "Cornell Red"....

PC Listmaster

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