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PC: prices letter to the group

"Price" wrote me a letter in response to my posting  a letter saying that I was glad the members of the list had finally seen fit to talk about the Penn Central instead of toy trains or paint jobs for toy cars ( i see there is a posting for details about a toy car in the list this morning after the moderator specificaly asked every one to get back to railroad topics, oh well). In that letter he included a sort of linear device on the left hand side of the page making it impossible for me to include it in this posting but i'll quote a few of the points he made and speak to these points in an attempt to clear up the questions he may have raised for other members.
    No I did not intend to be facescious(sp.?) in refering to toy trains. If your modeling efforts take hour upon hour of painstaking labor......so what?
    When I was  a monk at a russian orthodox monestery we were taught the discipline of "hseychism" which involved painful fasts,saying "Lord Jesus Christ,son of god have mercy on me a sinner" 5000 times in sucession while contemplaing your navel PAINSTAKINGLY! What it made us was a bunch of hungry morons contemplating our navels! In England there is a garden tractor racing fraternity an I saw on tv the other day a nut who had suceeded in building a flying lawnmower! I hope he took pains with that thing, hell a man could get killed!
    All this is to say that an interest in anything is worthy or not and the amount of time you may spend doing that thing does not convey it worth if the activity had no worth in the first place.
    Now as to whether the list is large enough to maintain membership from folks with diverse interests...well of course the interests must be limited to railroad topics in general an the Penn Central in particular, and I did not contend that toy train enthusiasts were child molesters though you could of course be both. So mr (Ms.?) prices comment that even former employees could be welcomed in a Penn Central discussion group are acurate enough. (wonder why price wrote "even" former employees...hmmm).
    But lets get something straight..if your connection to the Penn Central is limited to building motorized pieces of plastic that resembel Penn Central equipment then you have no connection to the Penn Central and no matter what period of time you spend modeling these pieces of plastic they can never be more than toys and if you would pitch every one in the dust bin and spend the money that you spend on toy trains on an Amtrak ticket you would be doing 1000000% more for the cause of railway preservation than all the modeling you could do in ten lifetimes.
    Or if you love railroad equipment there are many many tourist museums and railways who would love to have your help and money. As my friend Jim Albright (an old friend from the time I spent on the Boston & Maine) used to say,"the only railway preservation is a pair of shiny rails"....he also used to say that "a railfan is just a photography enthusiast whos afraid to take pictures of naked women" but i dont want to get all the photographers mad at me so I'll remind you that it was Jim who said it.
    As for Price's comment that he feels it was former employees of the PC that helped to doom the railroad..well he or she cant tell me nuthin,"hell, i was there!"
    My motivation for speaking to the Selkirk yard question was to point out an aspect for consideration in regard to wages and seperation agreements which I hoped could answer a question and in some small degree further sholarship concerning the Penn Central. So I can tell you about the general condition of locomotives during the days after the merger, but as to whether a b-unit had 5 portholes or 6...well git your rear end down to your local tourist line,help to paint a b..and you can count em while your there, (or I could tell you about the time I ran one into the wall at the Boston roundhouse,But thats another story)
                                                               thanks for listening Boomer 

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