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PC: Fw: pc wreck

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From: Price <eprice@skantech.net>
To: whasting@columbus.rr.com <whasting@columbus.rr.com>
Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 3:15 AM
Subject: Re: pc wreck

Boomer wrote:

well i am glad to see that that there is finally some discussion of the penn central on this site instead of the interminable "where can i get a paint job for my toy locomotive" or "where can i get decals for my toy car",
  I'm assuming that your comment about an individuals "toy locomotive"  is a fecisious description of somebody's modeling effort.  A modeling effort that may have hours upon hours of research or hours upon hours or pain staking work.  I like to think that on this mailing list is large and diverse enough that all members regardless of interest in Penn Central, whether it be modeling, restoration of prototype equipment or even former employees sharing their experiences can discuss topics without having to dump on some body else's interest.
  I wonder if former employees of the Penn Central who felt the need to dump on others efforts helped spell the doom for the railroad.

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