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Re: PC: PC auto discussion/PC Maintenance Vehicle Question

Sorry, the Busch Monacos are at earliest 1977s (believe me, they're not
'74s, my brother currently has a real '74 and has seen the Busch model).

Ob PC: I picked up a '74 Chevy HO scale truck by C 'n C Models at a train
show two weeks ago. If I recall correctly, there were some of these in PC
maintenance service. Does anyone have any information on cab numbering for


"Craig E. Hatter" <ns4610 -AT- bluegrass.net> on 04/05/99 07:52:33 PM

Please respond to penn-central -AT- smellycat.com

To:   "Penn-Central" <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
cc:    (bcc: Edward Bulman/BIDMC/CareGroup)
Subject:  PC: PC auto discussion

I have to cry foul here Jerry. I was hoping that the discussion would
continue on the types of cars that PC shipped as well as the factories that
PC served. Did PC serve the GM Norwood Ohio Camaro/Firebird plant or the
Toledo Jeep/AMC plant? I model some PC interchange with the L&N and need
this type information. Modeling car types for a certain year is a real
You need 12 cars to do a tri-level autorack. And not that Tyco or Botchman
crud either. I've scoped out 12 Busch 74'Dodge Monacos for my first rack.
Now if only Microscale can get the PC decals here before Accurail puts out
the racks!!

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