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Re: PC: New Wreck of Penn Central in Paperback

chukkster wrote:
> The book appears to be a reprint of the 1971 hard cover version. It has
> 347 pages not counting the index, same as the hard cover. The original
> paperback only had 319 pages not counting the index but I assume the
> fewer pages are because of the books size. They all end the same. Anyway
> there's no chapter about ConRail. Copyright is 1999. I can only believe
> because of a resurge of interest in the Penn Central, and the original
> books scarcity they thought it would be worth reprinting.
Now if we can only get Morning Sun to reprint _Penn Central Power_.
Based on the number of people asking me where they can find a copy,
I'm sure Morning Sun could make a killing if they re-released it.
After all, it was originally printed 12 years ago.


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