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Re: PC: New Wreck of Penn Central in Paperback

For looking for used books try either of these book seller search



I've had good luck finding books, railroad and other, on these sites. A
quick check showed Wreck of Penn Central as low as $7 but most copies
about $20 or lower. Always check these sites before bidding a book at

Robert L. Harris
rlhjr -AT- bellsouth.net

lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote: (edited) 
> $34.95 seems a little high, but from what I've heard Amazon can be
> pricey. I've seen copies of the original at train shows for close to
> $100. Maybe the reprint will drive down the prices on the old copies. I'm
> ashamed to say what I paid for an autographed copy a year or so ago; I'll
> just say that I beat Amazon's price.

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