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Re: PC: New Wreck of Penn Central in Paperback

Is this issue updated, or is it a reprint? 

While the original is a must-read for anyone interested in the PC, it's
biggest failing (in my opinion) is that the story ends with bankruptcy
and does not continue to Conrail. 

Also, I feel that the authors draw some wrong conclusions, but then again
we have the benefit of over a quarter of a century of hindsight and they
didn't. I'm amazed that they completed the book as soon as they did after
the bankruptcy.

Does anyone know if the authors are still living? I'd be interested in
hearing how they view their book from a late 90's perspective.

$34.95 seems a little high, but from what I've heard Amazon can be
pricey. I've seen copies of the original at train shows for close to
$100. Maybe the reprint will drive down the prices on the old copies. I'm
ashamed to say what I paid for an autographed copy a year or so ago; I'll
just say that I beat Amazon's price.

Maybe another generation of railfans and historians will learn about PC.
In many ways, Penn Central was the most important post-war 20th century
railroad. I feel that the gigantic bankruptcy made the United States take
a look at railroading, which eventually gave us the industry we have

Bryan Turner

On Mon, 05 Apr 1999 17:56:33 -0500 chukkster <chukkster -AT- earthlink.net>
>Received my New 1999 Paperback copy of The Wreck of the Penn Central
>today. I got my copy online at Amazon, a bit expensive I thought at
>$34.95 plus shipping but ya have to have it. I would imagine you can
>find them at large book stores. This book is quite a bit larger than 
>the original paperback of the Wreck and has a different cover.

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