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Re: PC: Standard Hobby Supply PC Stocking Policy

>> I just received the latest catalog supplement from Standard Hobby 
>> dated 3/15/99, and it states (in bold) under the Atlas U23B header:
>> Sorry, we will not be stocking "unnumbered locos, nor will we be 
>> any of "Penn Central".
>> Only MKT, MILW, UP, WP, MP and Monon are listed as being available!
>> SHS is anti-PC??

It looks like Athearn and Stewart are the only way to go for undec 
But, I've also noticed, that at every model train show I've been to, at 
least one PC engine is on *every* display table. Everything from 
battered black AHM GG1's to Tyco's famous green passenger train. Another 
thing I noticed, was that the last few hobby shops I've been in 
recently, had about 5-10 PC cabooses on their shelves. Doesn't anybody 
like the PC?

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station
-->Soon to be updated with pictures!

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