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PC: Crush the autos

Hey gang,

We're getting way off-topic here on the HO autos stuff. Model RR
stuff is allowed on the list, as long as it has to do with the PC,
but the automobile discussion has gotten out of that realm. 
Please continue this thread off-list, or take it to the model auto
list. Thanks.

ObPC: I do not believe that railroads were required to put "RADIO"
lettering on their equipment as it was radio-equipped, but rather it
was added as a PR and employee gesture, showing that the RR was
"modern" and "keeping up with the times." I believe that the Erie
initially put "RADIO-EQUIPPED" on all their equipment for just this

More PC: I updated the PC web site yesterday with a new photo page
for the Metropolitan Region Harlem Branch. I also updated the EMD and
GE locomotive photo galleries. Enjoy!


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