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Re: PC: HO Autos

Garrett Rea wrote:
> Gents:
> Had an auto rack as a kid that had these AHM cars on it.  I am sure that
> they are gone now, can remember them quite clearly.  The detail was not all
> that bad as far as I remember.  The price of cars and availability of cars
> for the 1968-76 era is not that promising, earlier and later eras are well
> covered, but not our era.  The costs are outrageous too, example, I was
> thinking about having an auto rack full of Citroen ID/DS cars (they came
> into Cleveland and Chicago and from the ports on the east coast), but at $10
> each!!  Eko sells them too, but the detail is not that good, so my father
> suggested that I use eko cars on the lower racks, the nicer ones on ends and
> top.  The only real catch is I could not do this for PC, as all the models
> are the two headlamp variety of which entered production in 1955 and were
> discontinued in 1967, so it would have to be PRR or NYC.  No one makes the
> 1968-1975 four lamp Citroen DS, except in N scale (Wiking).   As far as
> domestic cars, some 1968-73 Impalas, Fleetwoods, LTDs, or Satellites would
> be quite nice!!  Right now VW sedans/buses are our best (only?) bet.
> Garrett Rea

Remember the Monogram Mini-Exacts? They made a real nice 64 Mustang, 63
Corvette and 57 Chevy. They were available for 25 cents apiece for a
while. Of course I didn't get enough to fill an auto rack!!


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