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PC: HO Autos and Radios


Had an auto rack as a kid that had these AHM cars on it.  I am sure that
they are gone now, can remember them quite clearly.  The detail was not all
that bad as far as I remember.  The price of cars and availability of cars
for the 1968-76 era is not that promising, earlier and later eras are well
covered, but not our era.  The costs are outrageous too, example, I was
thinking about having an auto rack full of Citroen ID/DS cars (they came
into Cleveland and Chicago and from the ports on the east coast), but at $10
each!!  Eko sells them too, but the detail is not that good, so my father
suggested that I use eko cars on the lower racks, the nicer ones on ends and
top.  The only real catch is I could not do this for PC, as all the models
are the two headlamp variety of which entered production in 1955 and were
discontinued in 1967, so it would have to be PRR or NYC.  No one makes the
1968-1975 four lamp Citroen DS, except in N scale (Wiking).   As far as
domestic cars, some 1968-73 Impalas, Fleetwoods, LTDs, or Satellites would
be quite nice!!  Right now VW sedans/buses are our best (only?) bet.

Does anyone know if there was a requirement to put "RADIO" on equipment with
two way communications on board?  I know that a lot of the PRR stuff that
went into PC had it and other roads had radio on their cabins and locos, but
was this a regulation or a publicity gimmick?

Happy Easter to all,

Garrett Rea

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