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PC: PC 23662

Hello PC friends,

My name is Ed O'Lena and I'm involved in restoration of the N8A caboose
PC 23662 at the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT.  I had been a
subscriber to this reflector until several months ago when I was no
longer able to review my email enough to keep up with it..  

I'm Looking for ANY photos, blueprints or plans of the PC N8A class
caboose.  The N8A class was made from NH NE6 class (ours was origionaly
NH-687).  The interior restoration on this hack is going slowly due to
deteriorated bays and a few broken windows that have caused the floor to
rot.  If anyone knows where we might find some good, used "butcher
block" flooring please let me know.

Also if anyony would like to make a donation for the restoration please
send a check to DRM, PO Box 90  Danbury, CT 06810  Attn: Ron Freitag 
Please write PC 23662 on the check memo.  The DRM ic a 501C bussiness so
your donation will be tax deductable

Here's a couple of pix I took of 23662 last summer..


Edward A. O'Lena         http://www.qsl.net/n1yln/      ARS: N1YLN
Southbury, CT            ICQ#: 13921213                 10-10#:68982 
edolena -AT- wtco.net 

        "No other road, no other way.  No day but today"  J Larson

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