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PC: HO autos

On one of these lists a few months ago I recall a lament about HO cars,
particularly for filling those new Accurail open-side auto racks.  The
other day while looking at a couple of new IHC house kits I noticed the
picture included on one, the old Tyco '68 Camaro, and on the other one, the
old Tyco '68 AMX.  Box labeling indicates they come with the one car. 
While it would make no sense to go buy 25 house kits to fill your auto rack
at $8, perhaps if enough people wrote IHC and asked them to sell a 25-pack
of those cars for $10-$15, maybe we'd have affordable loads.   These cars
are ideal for that if anyone doesn't remember, they're a one-pc body with
snap on axles and windows and very realistic in appearance.  About the only
problem is there's only the two kinds of car -

Bill K.

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