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Re: PC: PC diesel histories and CR numbers

"The inital renumbering scheme logically allowed for the locomotive
fleets of the component railroads into a system based on the largest
fleet, that of Penn Central, which had in turn been patterened after the
NYC roster. While some liberties were taken with that roster, the
greatest objective was achived, that being a numerical system which
would require the fewest renumberings, yet have a cohesive and elastic
design. It should be remembered that renumbering a unit involves more
than simply painting a new number on the side of the cab. Renumbering
involves painting over the former number, applying a new nmber, removal
of the old number boards, installation of new number boards and making
amendments to countless mechanical, financial and goverment documents.
Some estimates of the actual cost of renumbering one locomotive are in
excess of $500.00. a sum not lost on the mechanical department when
devising a remunbering plan involving 5.038 units."- Conrail Motive
Power Review Volume 1 page 9.
That adds up to $25,190.

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