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Re: PC: Look who's a Penn Central fan/B60

> Combines two of my big interests!  Butt Head always was a little different,
> I would not have gone as far as saying that he was a PC fan.

After I got over ther intitial hysterical laughing, I questioned whether or
not that cartton was a good thing. :^)  I decided to let everyone make up
their own minds.

Still laughing. heh heh...heh heh...

> Gene, how did the baggage car do in the show-

Not a show, just our club's monthly contest.  The theme this month was
"Head End Car" and the B60 took top honors in the Craftsman class beating
out three other competitiors.

We run three classes, Novice, Advanced and Craftsman.

Next month's contest is a structure.  I'm in the process of building a PRR
switch tower. Stay tuned!

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