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PC: Flat paint finishes

>As for atomizing solvent based paint, that's part of the reason I use 
>new paint formulations almost exclusively.  However, I still like a 
>based paint for the flat finish.  I haven't been able to find a water 
>flat finish that gives a truly dead flat finish.  I like to weather 
>chalks more than with the airbrush. A flat finish with the Floquil 
>provides a great deal of "tooth" for the chalk to adhere to.  The Model
>Flex and Polly Scale flat finishes are more accurately described as a 
>finish, and don't hold the chalk as well.

About flat finishes...I've been using Pactra acrylics for my model car 
projects. The flat colors can be brushed on very thin, and dries truly 
dead flat. If it is thinned with water, the brush strokes disappear!

--Chris Osterhus

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