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PC: Re: Re: Railwatch Scam


if your subject line includes the word Railwatch I have set my Inbox
Assistant to delete it off the server.

Railspot has already banned this rather stupid site from posts but now it
has migrated to most of the lists.

Time to move on gang

keep your rails shiny

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From: Garrett Rea <glrea -AT- earthlink.net>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 1999 5:48 PM
Subject: PC: Re: Railwatch Scam

>Check it out, good for a laugh-
>Do not hit "JOIN"
>E-mail address is bogus-
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>From: Walter B Turner <lnrr -AT- juno.com>
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>Date: Thursday, February 25, 1999 5:25 PM
>Subject: PC: Railwatch Scam
>>This is off topic, but try to visit:
>>This is about a scam group called Railwatch. Many local politicians are
>>listed as supporters on the Railwatch page (www.railwatch.org) without
>>their knowledge; you might want to pass this on to your local newspaper
>>and broadcast organizations.
>>You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail.
>>Get completely free e-mail from Juno at http://www.juno.com/getjuno.html
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