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Re: PC: Re: Fw: Re: PC Passenger car color (Was B60 stuff)

> Microscale N scale loco PENN CENTRAL text looks about right for B60s based
> off of the Morning Sun book photos.

I thought the same thing, but found them to be a bit small.  The correct
size can be found on the old Champ PC Cabin Car sets. (either HC475 or
HC479) I found this out by comparing the photos in the color guide against
my brass N8 that I painted up a few years ago.  A quick search through my
decal bin came up empty.  These are out of production, but can still be
found with a large heap of luck...

Anyway, that's when I changed gears and finished my B60 with the worms,
stripe & number scheme only. It's going to get entered in our RR club's
contest tonight. We'll see how it fares...

As for atomizing solvent based paint, that's part of the reason I use the
new paint formulations almost exclusively.  However, I still like a solvent
based paint for the flat finish.  I haven't been able to find a water based
flat finish that gives a truly dead flat finish.  I like to weather with
chalks more than with the airbrush. A flat finish with the Floquil product
provides a great deal of "tooth" for the chalk to adhere to.  The Model
Flex and Polly Scale flat finishes are more accurately described as a satin
finish, and don't hold the chalk as well.

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