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PC: Fwd: Dewitt Yard Expansion?

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  I live to what remains of Dewitt Yard In East Syracuse N. Y.  I have heard
many times by some of the older folk in my area that when serious talk of the
upcoming N.Y.C and PENN merger was in the air, the need of a LARGER
classification yard in the Northeast was a must!  The two combined railroads
increase in traffic called for it. I have heard that before Alfred E. Perlman
got his yard in his backyard of Albany, There was serious talk and even
planning to go the less inexpensive route of expanding Dewitt. I have looked
at Arial photos of the late 50's and early 60's and have noticed that there
was plenty of room, especially on the North side of the yard. Do you or anyone
out there have information or track plans of this once talked about idea? I
would like to find out if this was a fact or fiction, also if it was true, I
would love access to any plans sitting in some former PC employees dresser.
																																																										Thank you,
Joseph Beckley
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