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PC: PC U-Boats...

   Here's a good one for all the PC modelers out there.  This involves
GE U-Boats once owned by NYC, PRR and those bought by PC after the
   First, concerning 6-axle units owned by PC and PRR:  There seems to
be two different styles of trucks used on these units.  In Yanosey's PC
Power, I have seen U-28C's and U-33C's with both the Adirondack and GSC
type trucks.  It appears that all 6-axle U-Boats were delivered to both
the PRR and PC with the GSC type trucks.  Later on in life, some units
were changed to the Adirondack-type.  I can not be sure if this is truly
the case.  Also of note, it appears that the units I have seen pictures
of with the Adirondack-type of trucks are actually Conrail units still
in PC paint.  Did Conrail do the truck-swapping?  Hopefully someone can
clarify this.
   Second, it appears that all the U-Boats went through several "phases"
during production.  Right now, I'm talking about the U-28 through U-33
class.  The U-28C, U-30C and U-33C all came in two distinct versions.
The differences are not all that subtle either.  The rear radiators were
radically different as were the battery boxes under the cabs.  It seems
that just about all of the PC units were of the early type (phase 1?),
except for a few units.  What I want to know is, were any of the U-30C,
U-33C, U-30B of the second (later) type.  This is a preliminary guess
and I would like it to be corrected if it is wrong:

U-30B (ex-NYC).......   all early type (phase 1)
U-33B (ex-NYC) [2 units].....  both early type (phase 1)
U-33B (PC bought)................  all later type (phase 2)
U-23B (PC bought)................  all later type (phase 2) {probably
not available in phase 1}

U-28C (ex-PRR)...........  all early type (phase 1) {probably not
available in phase 2}
U-30C (ex-PRR)...........  all early type (phase 1)
U-33C (PC bought).......  all early type (phase 1)
U-23C (PC bought).......  all later type (phase 2) {probably not
available in phase 1)

I  omitted the U-25B, U-25C and U-28B because I know all of the

   Looking at pictures of these units from other railroads, I noticed
that PC U-30B's, U-30C's and U-33C's looked completely different from
those of other railroads.  Is this the case or are my references giving
a false-representation?  For a quick explanation of what I am talking
about, look on page 164 of the PC Power book.  Pictured are U-33C's from
both PC and EL.  It is pretty easy to see the differences between the
two units on both pictures on that page.  I know the PC U-33C's were in
fact the first U-33C's built by GE, but I doubt this is the case for ALL
of GE units owed by PC.
   Overall, I want some insight into this dilemma and perhaps an
explanation (if possible).

-Gregg B.

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