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PC: General PC thoughts

I was thinking about the irony of where northeast railroading is today. 
If you would have said 50 years ago that the mighty Pennsy and NYC would 
someday be aborbed by the B and O and N and W, you would have been 
laughed at. Here, as we enter the 21st century, that is essentially what 
is occuring. The news headline we should be reading about these days is 
"Penn Central takes over CSX, expands into southeast." The fact that 
these southeastern railroads are the ones that survived is a testiment 
to the economy of those regions as opposed to the embattled northeast.
One more thought...as Conrail's flag falls, we lose one more link to the 
beloved Penn Central.  Conrail in many ways was the new Penn Central (no 
offense to EL and LV/Reading fans).  With the "Con" standing for 
consolidated, atleast we always knew part of the PC was in there.  It 
will never be the same under CSX and NS.
Bill, Buffalo, NY

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