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PC: B60 and PC Paint Colors

Of all the new formula paints out there, I find that Model Flex PC Green
comes closest to matching the Floquil version.

Just last night I finished painting my scratchbuilt B60 baggage car. Yes, I
knew there were plastic kits available, but I had a horrible urge to
scratchbuild one. :^)

Picking a color for the car was quite an interesting trick.  I was able to
find a Polly Scale paint that matched the B60 car shown in the PC color
guide. I thought I would have to get several colors and start mixing, but
I found one color was just about right on.  Unfortunately, I can't remember
the color right now.  It's either Coach Green or Signal Green. I'll check
tonight and post tomorow.  Hopefully I'll get a photo of the B60 on my web
site when it's completed.

Like the freight cars, PC's variations of passenger equipment green were
varied as well. I've seen photos ranging from "Pullman Green" to almost the
same shade as the standard freight car green.

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