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PC: Re: ECW B60

I don't think I'd use the trucks on the rib-side AF car kits, they look
pretty bad to me...   MDC makes a nice 4-wheel passenger truck that is
inexpensive, like $3 a pair, and would work.  I don't know if it's totally
accurate for your car though.

Bill K.

> From: Garrett Rea <glrea -AT- earthlink.net>
> To: PRR-Talk -AT- dsop.com; Penn Central <penn-central@smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: ECW B60
> Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 5:42 PM
> Gents-
> I am building an ECW B60 this evening.  Very nice and easy kit- I am
> enjoying it, just wish I had done it before my E&B/ECW lightweight
> A/F cars (New Haven/PC).  Any tips on building this car?   Also, are the
> trucks worth retaining, or should I go with another truck (I never could
> the E&B ones right)?    Some of these cars got freight trucks: what type,
> were they certain cars, and did PC keep any?
> Thanks-
> Garrett Rea

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