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Re: PC: New Topic-PC Cabins

The caboose is at "The Caboose". They purchased some 70 of the N-6a 
transfer cabooses. I have two myself. There are still listed in the 
brass listings there so I whould say that there is some left. They are 
$75.00 each.  The Caboose's web address is http:wwww.thecaboose.com 
There is MRC of Jun '74 on constructing the caboose. I have built three 
this way 2 N-6a's and 1 N-11 (short end platforms). If you don't have 
the magazine let ne know I will send you a copy. I agee that getting the 
brass was easier but, I having the brass and kitbashed caboose sitting 
together on the layout I say to myself remember what that looked like 
when I started on that cabose "an Athern boxcar" or "unfinnished brass".

Seth Lakin
Chesterton IN 
MP 481 NYC's Chicago Line
It will never be NS' allways the Central 

>From: "Garrett Rea" <glrea -AT- earthlink.net>
>To: "Penn Central" <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
>Subject: PC: New Topic-PC Cabins
>Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 23:25:41 -0000
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>Aren't Eastern European pedal cars just a tad bit off topic? LOL -
>Bill K.
>Yes sir, you are right- so here is a new one:
>What HO models are available for transfer-type cabins that were used by 
>I saw an (NYC/PC) N6 listed in one of the internet brass lists a while 
>(I think someone on this list bought it, as it said it had no trucks 
>someone was looking for trucks for a caboose, 1+1=2) but what else is 
>there?  I am not afraid of/against  brass (apparently one of the few on
>PRR-talk that is not) as long as it is prototypically correct.
>Scratchbuilding.....well....like I said, I am not against brass (lazy,
>easier to right a check :-)
>Garrett Rea

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