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PC: OOPS!/PC Passenger


Sorry, this sent out the first time before I was done :-(   here is the full

Bill wrote:

>I don't think I'd use the trucks on the rib-side AF car kits, they look
>pretty bad to me...   MDC makes a nice 4-wheel passenger truck that is
>inexpensive, like $3 a pair, and would work.  I don't know if it's totally
>accurate for your car though.
>Bill K.

Bill and all-

I did the same thing!  Do not have the (I guess) outside swing bolsters
however like the NH
cars had. I think Precision Scale has something like these, will look into
it someday.

Doing this with my IHC (old good ones, not the new garbage)
varnish.  MDC "commonwealth" design.

Hope to write up my passenger car efforts- everything looks and runs a lot
better now, have several more cars to go.  Ex- NH baggage lounge and Z74
(cheapo bachman) next.

Out of all the P70s that PC kept, did they keep (I think) the P70FAR (late
rebuild with the low arch roof, large window and four wheel trucks)?  ECW
makes one.  Were all P70s in commuter service?


P.S. Anyone planning on going to Lines West Fest in Ohio besides me??

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