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PC: B60 Trucks


     I myself never recalled seeing a photo of a B-60  with freight
trucks. The PRR did use Kiesel style passenger trucks similar or
identical to that on K-4 tenders on some of these cars. Someone else may
have moe info on this than me. Gary


You are right, found a photo in Morning Sun PRR paint Vol 2, B60 in with the
cabins issued to passenger service, not with the other baggage cars.
Clearly the tender-style trucks.  Looks like I will go with some old
Roundhouse "PRR roller-bearing" trucks w/P2K wheels- the car is sitting on
them now and it looks good.  Thanks-

Car is done except paint, roof, and minor details.  Too easy, too quick.....

What green best matches PC PASSENGER (not freight jade) out there?

Now to buy and build a few more....very nice kit!


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